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Mini Kitchen Playset

RM 34.00

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Color : Pink or Green

Material : ABS Plastic

Dimension : 42.5cm x 21cm x 38cm

Weight = 1.240kg

(price not include postage)

Kids will feel all grown up when they explore this kitchen’s interactive features and play pretend with all of their friends. For parents, the joy comes from knowing that the kitchen – playset has a smart, sturdy structure that was designed by passionate engineers. This is an item that will last for years and years; it can be passed on from older siblings to younger siblings, or even from one generation to the next.

Cultivate cooking hobby

Kids can play as a role of chef in this kitchen playset. They can pretend to cook like a chef or their mum inside the kitchen. The Kitchen Playset comes with all the accessories and utensils for them to cook up a feast such as a two-unit stove, an oven, a sink with water tap, kitchen utensils, cutlery, ketchup bottle, saltshaker, cups, plates, pans, pots, and more. The accessories are made by eco-friendly and non-toxic material. It is durable and safe. 

Improve their creativity and imagination

This kitchen playset can indirectly improve their creativity and imagination. They can practice in cooking and imagine they are cooking like a real chef. Other than that, the kitchen playset can help improve their social skills like taking turns of cooking and sharing with their siblings and friends. It also helps your children to practice being in a social situation with endless opportunities. As they manipulate plastic food and utensils, they can learn new words and all about shapes, sizes as well as colors.